Short women can still be able to dress in a fashionable manner. Many of these women are unaware of this fact which is why they normally end up being frustrated whenever they are doing their shopping. Not everyone can be tall, thin, petite, and so forth, so it’s best to embrace your body. The great news is that one can easily dress marvelously without having to worry about height anymore. Here are 4 fabulous tips on how to dress if you are short:

How to dress for shorts

1. Wear an Impeccable Fit

Many short women fear a perfect fit. They have the misguided notion that it will make them appear much shorter. This is why you’ll find such ladies with oversized clothes. Contrary to this perception, you can appear stylish, beautiful and sexy with such pieces of clothing. Skinny jeans and pencil skirts are some of the great choices to go for. However, you can still have an oversized garment, like a hood for example, on top if you want to create a mixed, unique look.

2. Go for High Waists

Clothes that have high waists look great on shorter women. They create the impression of a longer torso. When wearing skirts or trousers with high waists, always ensure that you tuck in the blouse or top for a stylish look. To complete the look, go for a slimmer belt and avoid wearing too much accessories as well. This is without a doubt one the best hidden fashion secrets that you can use to your advantage.

3. Wear Few Colors

It is clearly emerging that new fashion trends are changing the way in which people used to mix and match colors. At present, it’s okay to color clash. This is why you’ll basically come across ladies wearing red, yellow, green, blue and even black at the same time. Nevertheless, shorter women should try to stick to the basics. This means that you need to wear only one or two colors at a time. Black and white is a timeless classic that you can experiment with on this regard. Occasionally, you can add a brighter color to the dressing but avoid over doing it. This is one of the 4 fabulous tips on how to dress if you are short that will make you appear classy and mature.

4. Don’t Bisect the Body in Half

Many short women actually appear to be much shorter because they tend to bisect their bodies right in the middle with their outfits. This is a big mistake. Instead of doing this, it’s wiser to bisect the body in thirds. When following this tip, make sure that you choose jeans of skirts that have higher or lower waistlines. You’ll appear taller with such clothing because of the illusion that will be created as a result. There are numerous other ideas on how to dress that short ladies can try out as well. However, this list provides you with the basics that will definitely work wonders when followed appropriately. All in all, always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and bring out your true personality.

It is often tricky when deciding what to wear during a job interview. A great outfit may add points toward your success of the job application and vice versa. It’s not only need to consider what looks good on you but also finding out what’s suitable dress for the boss who’s looking to you over.

Recently, the office wear are trended toward semi casual where three-piece suits are out in most cases.  However, going too casual can give a sign to the future boss that you are simply not serious about working with him. Generally, Dressing up implies that you respect to the job being offered. But this doesn’t means you can go overboard. For example, if most employees wear flip-flops in the job interview’s company, it is a bit excessive if you are wear a blue pinstriped suit.

Nevertheless, the person who make the hiring decisions often dress more business-like than others although most of them are casual wear within their workplaces.   Perhaps even if they don’t wear more formal, they will often still expect to have candidates to wear properly. Sounds complicated? Check out this cool InfoGraphic from Rasmussen to find out what to wear and what not to wear during your job interview.


If you’re thinking about weight loss, you’ll find it helpful to consider the different ways you can dress up to look thinner. Your problem may not even be that of losing weight, but that of dressing in a way that enhances your figure and makes you look the way you really want to be. You’ll look better if you avoid outfits and dresses that make you look bigger than you actually are. You may love your over-sized sweatshirts, pants, and sweaters, but you don’t have to wear them anytime you want, especially if you want to look your best. You can save them for a comfortable night at home. You can lose more than 5 pounds in your appearance if you try the simple ways of dressing below.

Elle1. Do Not Wear All Black

It is not the best idea that going with all the black items in your wardrobe will make you look thinner. You should stop this! Although black is one of the best colors, it isn’t your only option if you want to dress and look thinner. You should try new colors and patterns. You do not need to wear black all the time, even if it’s a great color. You should remember that dressing thinner isn’t the same as enjoying just one color or hiding beneath your clothes. Do check out this online boutique and dresses to find out these type of clothes.

2. Bootcut Jeans Are another Great Option

Whether you want to lose weight or just look thinner, you should do away with the myth that tight jeans are the only way to go. Bootcut jeans are my favorite and I would suggest that you try them too. Besides being comfortable, I think that they are the best when it comes to enhancing a woman’s figure. You should consider your curves and hips as an asset, not a curse. Pants that balance your curves will help enhance your hips. At the hemline, Bootcut jeans will flare out to create the curvy balance between your legs and your hips. If you have natural curves like mine, then Bootcut jeans can enhance your waistline and hips, making them look smaller.

3. You Should Consider Adding Printed Accessories

You may like accessories that look solid, but they will not always make you look thinner. Things like solid colored scarves can actually make you look bigger and frumpier than you actually are. Instead of hard accessories, you can try prints and other fun patterns. They will make you look stylish and fresh, unlike those accessories that make you look boring.

4. Try Longer Earrings

Longer earrings can make your neck look slimmer and you can use them to extend your jawline. Longer earrings will be a great addition to your style, plus they will make your neck look longer if it is short. You do not need to worry if it’s your first time trying long earrings; you just have to try different designs until you find one that fits you. You shouldn’t be surprised if you become a big fan of long earrings like me.

5. Elastic Banded Dress Pants Are a Hit Too

If you think like others that elastic bands are better worn when you’re gaining weight, think again! If you want to make your waistline look thinner, then you should buy elastic banded dress pants. If you don’t tuck in your shirt, then belts can actually add some bulk to your waistline, especially if you wear a tight blouse over them. Elastic banded dress pants will fit right against your belly. Brands such as Missoni from Target, Amy Byar and Express are great.

6. Go with White Button Ups

I love white button up shirts for a number of reasons. The first reason is that you can wear them in many different ways. For a casual look, you can wear them with some jewelry, you can wear a slim tank under them, you can button and tuck them in your pants with a cute belt at the office, and you can wear them open neck. There are many ways these shirts can make you look slender. No matter your size and whether you want to lose weight or not, these are great ways for you to dress your best.

In my younger years, I wasn’t so conscious of the fact that the choice of dress colors for the office mattered and that choosing the right colors could enhance one’s office experience. There are certain fabrics, colors, and outfit that can communicate a lot about you and your work depending on the type of job your do, the country in which you work, and the department for which you work. I wouldn’t consider it an understatement if choosing the right color scheme looks like a big job for you. You can check out the best colors to wear in the office, the ones for night out, and those for cocktail.


1. Navy

Navy is the color of the year and one of the most suitable colors to wear when in the office. It might look boring to some people, but it communicates stability, confidence, and loyalty. You can pair a navy pencil skirt with a neutral pair of pumps and a jacket that matches. This combination makes you look sharp, smart, and confident before any task that comes to you. Women who wear blue are often seen as taking charge and go-getters.

2. Black

Black is one of the colors that you can’t just overlook. It will be your best choice for the office, and trust me, you can wear it anytime. It doesn’t need to be boring. You can get black fabrics that are stylish, so you don’t look dull in them. Black dress slacks match perfectly with a fashionable top, with a jacket or a cardigan to match. A black suit can be spiced up with a cute undershirt and a simple pair of earrings to make you look smart and gorgeous. Do not forget that you want to make a bold and confident statement with your dress without any sexual innuendos. In addition, black color outfits cane easily be found in various online fashion store.

3. Beige

Beige is the best color to replace white. You can use this color to communicate your simplicity and confidence, and people will find you easy-to-relate with. It is neither flashy nor intimidating, so you’ll come off professional, classy, and confident. You can sport this neutral and professional color if you choose a beige blouse, jacket, or scarf.

4. White

No matter where you are, white is always a good color, and this includes the office. The great thing about white is that it can be worn with anything. Some people worry about dirtying it but that shouldn’t make you worry as baby wipes or Shout wipes can easily take care of any spill. I enjoy pairing white blouses with other colors of cardigans or jackets, but I do not like white pants or skirts while I am in the office. Anyone can easily see through them and they easily get soiled as you sit and move around the office. White gives you an air of classiness, cleanliness, and confidence, which can actually set you apart as professional and pleasant.

5. Brown

Brown is another neutral color that is good for the office. Apart from the spin, it can be rightly considered to be the best alternative to black, offering the same benefits such as making you look smart and confident. When worn with good jewelry and a fashionable top, it is very professional, and you can enhance and make it stylish by wearing different matching colors of heels and a colorful undershirt.

6. Khaki

Khaki is a color you should never forget, whether it’s in the material or just the color. This is the color that will make you look clean cut, easy to talk to, laid-back, and professional. You’ll notice that the color works with any other color scheme and jewelry. Whether the fabric is khaki or just the color, it’s still one of the best colors for the office. It will match with red, black, beige, white, and navy, so you have no problem paring it with other office colors.

During my life, I have worked in both corporate and non-corporate offices and have learned to buy clothes in basic colors, so I can enhance them in small and creative ways. This has helped me to create my own mix of different colors and items without the fear of wearing the same thing every day. You can look gorgeous and professional without spending much money if you make the wise selection of colors and mix them in a very creative way.

Travel clothesTraveling fashionably can sometimes be very difficult if you do not have best tips on how to make it happen. If you are thinking about having one of the remarkable moments while traveling, then the following are some of the 7 ultimate guidelines on how to travel fashionably;

1. Plan your journey ahead

One way of avoiding throwing many things into you travel bag or suitcase while traveling is a proper plan. This will help you come up with the best strategies that you will need. How should you do this? Do research on your favorite travel destination to find out the things that you need as well as those that you do not need. This will help you take note of the weather and customary or any cultural requirements.

2. Keep the journey simple

Many people often like packing most of their wardrobes without knowing the things that they need. You should always that you keep the number of things that you carry simple to enable you have humble time when traveling. Keep travel outfits simple, especially if you are traveling internationally. Remember that security screenings at the airports may need you to remove all the items of clothing such as belts and shoes, so as to save you time and effort, you must avoid clothes with excessive laces, buckles, and straps.

3. Mix and match your outfits

You always try to mix and match your outlets if you want to have humble time during your traveling. Before you leave, make sure you play with different options of outfit and see whether what you have chosen matches. This will also give easy time when traveling since you will have less luggage.

4. Choose key accessories

Accessories can sometimes make or break your outfit. Carting many different accessories inside your luggage, nevertheless, can be annoying. You have to make a choice of the best accessories that perfectly matches your outfits. This will also make you look beautiful when compared to other options available while travelling.

5. Minimize your jewellery

Just like the accessories, some jewellery can be fiddly, not only when storing but also when wearing. You have to remember that numerous security screenings at the airports may need you to remove all the items of clothing such as belts, so to save time and effort, you must avoid clothes with excessive jewellery such as laces, buckles, and straps.

6. Good grooming

Unkempt hair and poor makeup is another giveaway for unfashionable traveler. This means that you have to groom well before leaving for your journey. Keep combs handy or brush to smooth out your hair at the same time keeping your makeup simple. In addition, this will also make you comfortable when interesting with other people during your journey not forgetting the fashion.

7. Luggage matters

You should always make sure that you choose stylish luggage if you want to add fashion to your journey. If you have a luggage that match your outfits, then that will definitely give you the style that you need.

In conclusion, the above tips will definitely enable you to have a fashionable travel.